Welcome to Bushken Pre-Primary

“Ones mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.” Unknown

Bushken is a warm, friendly and fast growing Pre-Primary Private School with a personal touch that makes everyone feel at home and that it is seen as an extension of their homes.

Its key to success is that we aim to build partnerships and wonderful relationships between parents, teachers and children where together we can work in harmony in a warm, supportive and nurturing environment. Children learn according to developmentally appropriate practices and the pastoral core of each child is considered.

We have excellent resources and passionate teachers and staff members where your child is known and valued.

We offer a sound curriculum whereby we endeavour to develop each individual child to reach their full potential and to meet all the requirements of their developing world. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, tolerance and acceptance in all learners. We strive to develop their self esteem and confidence through acknowledgement of a child’s development (physically, emotionally and cognitively) of their achievements in relation to their ability.

Shirley Vorster – Principal