Bushken Pre-Primary a success story!

Bushken was started in 1986 by Johanna Springorum in a house behind the old Kenton Hotel. There were only a hand full of children at this early stage, some of whom are now mothers on the school committee today! (Andiswa Coto)

In 1991, the first pre-fab classrooms were erected at the current grounds of the school with the help from various people from the community who provided transport & funding. Kentons Roundtable played a major role in this process and this was to be the schools permanent home.

This special Pre-Primary has grown from a handful of children being taught in a house to 50 odd children running around, learning & enjoying every moment at what is today Bushken Pre-Primary. There are now 4 classes Seahorse (1-2 yrs old) – Starfish (2-3 yrs olds) Dolphin (3-4 yrs old) Whale (4-5 yrs old).

Today we have 50 odd children, 3 teachers, 3 assistants and a strong parents committee. Together we strive for the best foundation stages for our children and our childrens children. Bushken is solely reliant on school fees and parental support to keep the school going. As a community we will be proud to be fundraising for our school for continuous improvements & maintenance.

Please support us in any way that you can by donating your time, transport, materials, services, funding, every little bit helps!

This school is a monument to what can be achieved when a community stands together