Art Activities

Give your child recognition for his/her work – it encourages them to take part. Artwork that is brought home is his/her own work and not that of the teacher. You may ask the class teacher about the techniques that are learnt, or what goals had to be achieved.


Your child’s birthday is a very important occasion and is presented as a learning situation, where different mathematical, perceptual and social concepts can be learnt. It is policy that birthday packets may not be sent to school. Birthdays are celebrated every Friday. Regardless of holidays, we will celebrate every birthday on the Friday closest to their birthday. The teachers will arrange a cake for the Friday of the week of your child’s birthday. All parents are to contribute R70 towards a cake for their child.

Circular letters

Letters containing important information will be sent in the Chatterbox plastic envelopes every Wednesday. Please sign each message to indicate that you have read and accept the message. This is vital for good communication between home and school. Encourage your child to have pride in his/her plastic envelope and to keep it clean. Envelopes to be returned to school ASAP.


Allow your child to wear comfortable playing clothes to school every day. Always pack a spare set of clothes and a plastic bag in case of accidents, spills, etc. Encourage your child to come to school barefooted in summer. NB: Please label all clothing especially socks, shoes, jackets and jerseys. The school takes no responsibility for unmarked clothing that is lost.

Bushken T-shirts can be bought at the school, but are not compulsory. On Fridays and on school outings everyone is encouraged to wear their Bushken T-shirts.


The annual concert is a great time to come together at the end of the year. No unnecessary pressure will be put on the children when practicing for the concert. Just come and enjoy the experience with them and with us.


A time-out/thinking chair is our method of discipline if a simple reprimand does not solve any issues. If consistent bad behaviour continues we will inform the parents.

Teachers will model expected behavior and positive language to children at all times.


An indemnity form is completed during the application process for excursions. You will be informed of all excursions and may choose to keep your child at home if you do not wish them to attend.

Extra Curricula

Kindermusik with Elsa Lombard once a week usually on a Wednesday during school hours
ABC Musica & Me is an all new award-winning music enrichment programme for 2-6 year olds. This age specific programme was created by Kindermusik International, the world’s most trusted brand in musical learning for over 30 years.
Read more on their website

Rugga kids
Rugga Kids is a privately run extra mural activity for children between the ages of 3 – 8 years, which encompasses a love for rugby and having fun. The programme concentrates on developing your child’s physical abilities and gross motor-skill coordination through a fun, positive, energetic and confidence building curriculum, all whilst focusing on the safety aspects of the game.Contact Person: St Elmo Wilken
Contact No: 072 172 6807 /

ActionBall is a Movement development program aimed at developing muscle tone and physical development in young children but with the emphasis on having fun and learning how to play, encouraging social skills, team work and good sportsmanship.Contact Person: Joni-Leigh
Contact No: 079 994 1933

Ballet fun incorporates classic ballet core & ballet stretches to introcude your child to core conditioning and dance.Classes:
Pre-ballet for 3-5 year olds: Thursdays, 12:30 – 13:15, Afrika Kusini Spa at the Gym (ground floor of houseplanner)
Ballet fitness for 6-11 year olds: Thursdays, 13:30 – 14:15, Afrika Kusini Spa at the Gym (ground floor of houseplanner)Contact Person: Zone Meiring
Contact No: 081 045 3073

Golden rules when saying goodbye in the morning

Parents must always say goodbye to the child and not slip away unnoticed.

Parents must take control at the moment of parting, as there might not yet be a bond between the teacher and the child.

Be firm, friendly and confident in your behaviour.

If you behave unsure and doubtful your child may abuse the situation, also become unsure or try and manipulate you.


Do not send sick children to school. Put sunblock on your child every day in the summer. Hats are also a good idea on really hot days.

Toys and jewellery should not be sent to school. Teachers accept no responsibility if they are lost or broken at school.

If you child is unable to attend school, please inform the school.

Please inform your class teacher of any allergies your child has so that preventative measures can be taken.

All medication must be placed on the provided shelf in the office by an adult. Written instructions must be given to the class teacher or teacher on duty. Medication must be picked up again in the afternoon by an adult. All medicine administered to a child will be logged in a medicine chart for this purpose. Note: Only medicine to be administered during the day. Medicine to be given in the morning must be given at home before school.

Infectious diseases
Children with infectious diseases, including conjunctivitis (pink eyes) and impetida, must stay at home until a doctor has determined that the infectious period has passed. DO NOT send a child to school that had a temperature earlier in the morning. A child on antibiotics may not attend school for AT LEAST 24 hours after starting the antibiotics course.

Take preventative measures and wash and inspect your child’s hair regularly. If your child becomes infected with lice consult your pharmacist on treatment thereof. Also inform the class teacher so that measures can be taken to prevent spreading. After effective treatment the child may return to school.


There are often a few small cuts and scrapes on the playground. Antiseptic cream and plasters will be administered. For any more serious injuries parents will be notified immediately.


  • Ensure that your child has a good breakfast every morning before coming to school.
  • Please pack a healthy lunch e.g. sandwiches, cheese, biltong, hardboiled eggs, nuts, carrots, cucumber, etc.
  • Do not send chips, fizzy cool drinks, sweets, etc.
  • Water is encouraged instead of juice or mixed water cool drinks, which are not the best thing for the children’s teeth.

Management and parent involvement

Management committee:

  • All parents are members of the company. Any parent may apply to be selected as a member of the management committee. The committee is responsible for the school finances, the buildings, the playground area and appointment of the staff.

Parent involvement:

  • Parents have the opportunity to become involved at the school through different working committees. Each parent assigns himself/herself to a working committee according to his/her skills/interests at the AGM. It is vital that all parents/guardians attend the AGM in the light of partnering with the school for the benefit of your child’s education


Should a pre-primary teacher observe any shortcomings in the learning skills of a child, she will discuss it with the parents and might suggest further steps in order to assist the child in their development.

It is important that the school has access to background information about your child. Please in-form us if there are circumstances that might influence his/her behavior, e.g. divorce, death, etc. We value and desire your partnership in this area.

Our Classes

The children are divided into groups according to their ages. The number of groups is determined yearly and depends on the intake in that year.

Seahorse Class

  • 1 to 2 years
  • maximum of 12 children

Starfish Class

  • 2 to 3 years
  • maximum of 15 children

Dolphin Class

  • 3 to 4 years
  • maximum of 18 children

Whale Class

  • 4 to 5 years
  • maximum of 23 children

A child can start attending the junior group in the year that he/she turns 2 years old, and not before. It is a requirement that all children attending the Dolphin and Whale classes are fully potty-trained.

Please note: Acceptance into Bushken Pre Primary School does not in any way influence the acceptance of a child into Kenton on Sea Primary School. Bushken is independently run from Kenon on Sea Primary and has no influence in the Kenton on Sea Primary selection process.

Outdoor activities

Parents must note that no child will be allowed to leave the school for outdoors activities such as swimming, music, gymnastics, Playball, etc. unless you have signed a permission form for this purpose in the office. On this form you give permission for the day and times when your child may be taken.


A progress report will be sent out at the end of the 2nd term and again at the end of the year. This report will indicate the skills your child has mastered with regard to the different learning areas.

Safety and security

  • The school gate must be kept closed at all times.
  • Please keep us informed of new/changing contact details should they occur. This is essential in case of emergencies.
  • Please inform us if your child is to be picked up by anyone other than yourself or the lift of which you have advised us. For better control, make sure that your child always greets the teacher be-fore going home.
  • Emergency – The school has a simple emergency plan that will be practiced from time to time by the children.
  • Parking areas – Children are very impulsive, therefore we ask parents to be very careful and attentive when arriving and leaving.

School Fees (2017)

  • Monthly:
    • R850 per month for 11 months
    • 3 days per week R550 per month for 11 months (Seahorse & Starfish only)
    • 2 days per week R400 per month for 11 months (Seahorse & Starfish only)

    Monthly fee to be paid by the 7th of each month

    Sibling discount of 5% applicable on 2nd child


    • Once-off annual stationary fee of R250 in January or at time of joining.
    • Once-off annual toiletry fee of R250 in January or at time of joining.
    • If you wish to pay the year upfront you get 5% discount (R850 x 11months = R9350 less 5% (R467.50) = R8882.50

    Annual payment to be done within the first 2 weeks of school.

    * Fees are discussed and revised annually, so please note that this is the fee structure for 2017 only*

    * No cash accepted on school premises for safety reasons.

    * Please make all payments via EFT or direct deposit (please add R25 deposit fee for direct deposits)


    ACC NO: 280315740

    BRANCH NO: 051117

    REF: Childs Name


School Holidays

School holidays are the same as for government schools in the Eastern Cape Province. School will close at 13:00 on the last day of school. There is no holiday care at Bushken.

School Hours

Official School hours according to our daily programme:

  • 8:00 – 12:00

Gate Times:

  • 7:30 – 8:30
  • 12:00 – 13:00

Please make sure that you close the gate behind you at all times for security sake.

The school is open from 07:30 every morning untill 13:00. Please try to arrive no later than 08:30 as this is when class starts.

School lessons finish at 12:00 and we close at 13:00. Ten minutes leeway is given to working parents to collect their children, but anyone who is consistently late will be charged a rate of R20/hour or part thereof. Otherwise please make arrangements with Paula for aftercare.

After Care:

Paula Scholtz runs the aftercare facility from 13:00 to 17:00. Please contact Paula for rates and availability.

Scrap materials

Scrap materials for art activities may be requested from time to time.

What to send to school

Yearly – Seahorse, Starfish, Dolphins and Whales:

  • Please bring an art apron (preferably long sleeves)
  • Stationery – there will be a stationery fee due with the first invoice of the year. This fee will cover your childs stationery needs for the year. Please speak to your child’s teacher for more info.
  • Toiletries – there will be a stationary fee due with the first invoice of the year. This fee will cover your childs toiletry needs for the year.

Seahorse & Starfish:

  • One full pack of nappies (if not yet potty trained)
  • Wet wipes (if not yet potty trained)
  • Nappy cream (if desired)
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Parents will be notified when more of the above supplies are needed
  • 1 sunhat with name printed on it

Daily Lunch:

  • Ensure that your child has a good breakfast every morning before coming to school.
  • Please pack a healthy lunch e.g. sandwiches, cheese, biltong, hardboiled eggs, nuts, carrots,
    cucumber, yogurt etc.
  • Do not send chips, fizzy cool drinks, sweets, etc.
  • Water is encouraged instead of juice or mixed cool drinks; which are not the best thing for the childrens’ teeth.

Seahorse and Starfish: Please pack an early morning snack and an early afternoon lunch and something to drink.

Dolphins and Whales: Please pack an afternoon lunch and something to drink.